About the Author


I've been working in classrooms for over 18 years. In all those years I've learned plenty of good ideas about teaching and learning. I want to share these important lessons to help other teachers grow. 


Although I teach social studies I love education in general. I'm passionate about technology in the classroom with a purpose, teaching students to use flexible seating to match the type of learning they engage in each day, and helping students create using project based learning and design thinking. 


I love taking risks in the classroom and seeing what impact that has on student achievement. In my blog I frequently write about these shifts in my teaching practice. This website is dedicated to bringing the latest ideas of teaching into your classroom with a few simple changes to your instruction. Please connect with me on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube for more ideas on teaching and having fun in the classroom. 

  My Expertise


  • Teaching students to use technology in collaboration with others 

  • Classroom design and flexible learning spaces 

  • Project based learning and design thinking 

  • Offering easy and practical teaching advice to improve the teaching profession 

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