• Josh Arnold

2020 Teaching

With the date on the calendar about to read 2020 there is a lot of opportunity for reflective thinking and analysis on teaching practices.

Here are a few suggestions I have to start as soon as you step foot in the classroom again.

Review classroom practices for quality

If you notice student engagement taking a dip at any time in the classroom it might be a good opportunity to think about the quality of the classroom experience. This is not hard to accomplish. Create a simple survey that asks students their interests, what they enjoy about class, what is one thing they would like to change about class, etc. When you notice a trend in student responses that might point to something to change. If you can’t do without something in the classroom that students dislike try explaining the purpose and benefit to students to create some understanding for them. Ask them follow up questions one on one to reveal even more about the quality of the classroom.

Ask students what they remember about the start of the school year

Teachers spend a lot of time building community at the start of the school year with their students. Build on this time already spent in the classroom to remind students that you care about them and they are part of a community of learners. If you notice there is something they aren’t talking about that you feel is really important this might suggest one thing that needs your attention right away.

Help students reach learning goals with technology

With online applications like Quizlet and Quizizz teachers can create engaging learning experiences in minutes. Each of these platforms costs nothing to get started for teachers. Although Quizlet does have a paid version that offers more data for student learning, Quizizz is an application that you can use without paying a fee. Quizlet offers more individual practice and a gaming feature with Quizlet Live. Quizizz works like a quiz for students and offers a lot of gaming aspects like power-ups that students can use during the game to arrive at the correct response. Each can become a great tool for collecting data for the teacher.

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