• Josh Arnold

Developing a "Study" Mindset in Students

In all my years in the classroom I've been disappointed many times after finding what I thought was the perfect reading to connect to what students were learning about. After spending a planning period or so finding what I thought would really help students connect to a historical moment or person we were studying only to find students quickly looking at the reading and then putting it down as fast as they could.

Some teachers might incorrectly assume that this is the student's failure to connect to the reading. However, the failure was mine. As the teacher there are several things to offer a student to "connect" to the text before you offer it to the class. One technique I plan on using more with students is learning to look at a reading as a study tool and not just a page to read to move on to the next page. If students are encouraged to ask questions, reread material, and take time to look for deeper meaning they aren't just engaged in reading the text they are beginning to study the text. Next time my students read a text I won't ask "did you read the material?" I will be asking "did you study the material?"

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