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Making Plans for FETC

Friday nights are usually for resting when you are a teacher. But this year I’m heading to the Future of Education and Technology Conference January 27-January 30 so this Friday night meant sitting down and making plans. Since the four day event has plenty to offer a plan is almost needed to maximize your time and make room for learning what interests you the most.

Like a lot of my research I started with Twitter. Using the official hashtag of the conference (#FETC) I was able to see what others were saying about the event and started taking notes. I even downloaded the FETC app and started to build my itinerary by exploring the different sessions available. My approach for the week is to build on old skills and look to expand a few new skills to both use in the classroom and write about in the blog.

Project Based Learning Sessions

Since I rolled out #PBL in my own classroom this past spring I’ve been learning how to refine and model my approach to best fit the talents of my current students. I still don’t consider myself an expert in this area so I’m planning on attending “The 10 PBL Commandments via Hamilton” which after I read the name of the session I was hooked and ready to learn. The description from the FETC app explains that attendees can learn the basics of PBL or be able to roll out the teaching method to students and peers. This event is scheduled for Monday January 28 from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM in the 220F North room. I’m excited to sing and learn from this session. It will be a lot of fun jamming out in front of my students with music from the well known musical once I learn all the right moves.

#Microsoft Sessions

In my one to one classroom students have access to a lot of the tools available to them in Office 365. Likewise, I’ve been using #OneNote for four years to help organize content and collaborate with students. Short story is I have plenty of knowledge using Office 365 but I’m still interested in seeing how other educators use these tools. At a conference like this there’s likely to be more than a few approaches I haven’t taken yet in the classroom so instead of straying away from the familiar I’m really looking forward to discovering even more. I’m signed up for the day long Microsoft Innovative Educator session on Sunday and plan on attending a few more throughout the week.

EVO Educator Entry Kit

As coding goes I’m still really new. However, Computer Science has a lot of interesting applications that both myself and my students can learn from. So I’m excited to get my hands on one of these kits and start to learn more. Not to mention, learning to code and having fun with a miniature robot sounds like the perfect way to engage more students in the classroom. For civics I can see making a model showing the path a law takes from bill to committee to floor debate and so on. This could really change things for many students who struggle learning a process like lawmaking.

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