• Josh Arnold

"Reach" #OneWord2019

To start the New Year people like to organize their goals for the next 12 months. Boiling things down to a single word can be a challenge but for the past year I’ve already begun my mission of changing education for my students and hoping to bring the changes that work best into other classrooms. This year I will reach for new heights and new teaching practices as part of the process of changing the classroom.

For years I was a teacher who watched educational trends come into practice and participated with many of them finding a home in my classroom.

In 2015 I started to change my classroom set up. Increasing flexible seating in the classroom brought more engagement from my students. Then in 2016 I was given laptops make my classroom a one to one learning environment. I learned that taking your class online needed to be crafted so that I was doing something different with students. When 2017 came I choose standards based grading as a new approach. This has shown me new ways to breakdown the skills and knowledge that students are expected to master and explain these so that students can take on learning for themselves. 2018 brought project based learning. As a result students are able to put their hands on learning as the class invents new academic games and students develop their own learning plan.

Each of these have become part of my classroom and I continue to make each one work best for my students. A never ending evolution to make learning work best for my students. This reach will continue into 2019 as I take on other challenges. Part of my reach is to also recognize where I can help others change their instruction to make their classroom work best for their own students.

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