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Tech Tools To Use Right Away

Some teachers are scared away by technology. With costs that are too high or learning curves that are too much the technology gets left out of the classroom. However, most education experts know that technology isn't so much a process of learning but a tool for learning for the students and the teachers.

Here are five easy to use tools that can help to bring new technology into your classroom.

Merge Cube- get students to be engaged in content using simple tech tools with the app and Merge Cube, teachers can craft lessons or students can build their own objects using AR. Use the Galactic Explorer app to allow students to hold the solar system in their hands. (Cube is $14.99 on Amazon)

Alexa Blueprint- Make your own Alexa skills using this open source program. Many skills are fill in the blanks. Make your own trivia game using your own questions using Alexa Buttons. Your Alexa keeps score. The skill can only be used on your own Alexa devices.

Microsoft Immersive Reader- Allows the students to customize the print on the page by changing the font, language, or size of print. Get emerging readers and readers with disabilities powerful tools like line reader (focus on one line of text) and Picture Dictionary (give student a view of the word with simple color pictures). Works in your Office 365 applications (even Flipgrid). Insert text into the webpage to have the text made easier to students by replacing difficult words with easier to read words. Gives text stats such as Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level, word count, and parts of speech. Easy to use, just copy and paste text. Allows you to make quick learning activities such as Cloze Activity. Find classic literature such as Huckleberry Finn.

Adobe Spark- Create easy content with your students or for your students. Enables you to make posters, video or web pages. Make a video that explains a process to your students. Have students show what they know in a video. Free account allows you to use many of the tools. Paid account will remove the watermark in videos. You can remove from posters in the free account. Available in web version or Spark Post app for devices.

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