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“Transforming Classroom Time” #MSFTEduChat #TweetMeet

To start the New Year I’ve been given the opportunity to co-host Microsoft Education’s monthly #TweetMeet. The topic “Transforming Classroom Time” is about making the classroom work for our students and the future they will inherit. This is something I am very passionate about.

The #TweetMeet team is made up of 20 co-hosts from 15 different counties. Microsoft started #TweetMeet over two years ago first focusing chat planning on Microsoft OneNote and currently branching out using Microsoft Teams. In learning about Teams I have begun to see how different applications can be used in the classroom. With this kind of preparation this chat has a different feel to it. The opportunity to connect with other educators and bring in those that want to experience more of what Microsoft offers is a powerful draw for me as a teacher and blogger.

Research into the topic has shown a lot of promise and potential. Imagine a world where just about anything you need or want is printed using a 3D printer. A world where knowledge is available and shared instantly over social media websites. A place where information is stored in bytes and spreads at a pace faster than at any point in human history. This is the world of today and the one of tomorrow. As educators we have a mission to prepare our students to live in this world. Our students will need skills to navigate this world. Some of these skills include ones that we teach from a very early age such as social emotional skills. Social emotional skills are the skills that the future employer wants most. The ability for an individual to take on a task with self-management and share results using collaborative platforms.

There is much to learn and discuss from this topic. Consider joining the #TweetMeet on January 15 at 1:00pm Eastern Standard Time by using the #MSFTEduChat hashtag.

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