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Using Quizlet In Your Classroom

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Using Quizlet Live 

I have been using #Quizlet in my classroom for five years to support vocabulary instruction. A few years ago Quizlet added the feature of playing Quizlet Live and it instantly became a classroom favorite. Students will request to play it often. It can be used as a formative assessment tool for students to match new vocabulary terms to their definitions while playing a fun game. Watching students as they work in groups offers the teacher a chance to see who gets it and who might be getting help from other students. Occasionally one student will dominate the group and shout out answers, to counter this I have adapted a few ways to use Quizlet Live in the classroom.

Quizlet Live Relay

One adaption I use in the classroom is Quizlet Relay. This works great in a classroom that has its own computers. Instead of having students log in with their names have students log in with “Team 1, Team 2, Team 3” or however many teams you will have. I usually use three computers per team but you can have as many students on a team as you like. If you have a large classroom you can have two teams compete to race to the computers while the rest of the team waits in a spot across the room. In a small classroom have students stand around a table or group of desks and rotate around to the spot where the computers are.

More Ways to Play Quizlet Live 

Chaos mode- instead of having students sit with their group, they remain in assigned seats. This is a good way to mix it up if students have already played a few rounds of the game.
Silent mode- students are unable to talk during this round. An excellent way to bring order back into the classroom before they transition to something else during class.
Virtual mode- start a game on your computer, post the game code on your learning management system or using Remind. Students enter the game at a set time and play at home.
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